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October 27, 2006

What newborns do...

Since Josiah doesn't do a lot of interesting stuff yet, I though I'd give an update on what he does do a lot of... eating, sleeping, and pooping. During the day, Joe eats every 3-4 hours; and at night, he goes 6 hours and then 4 hours very consistently. He seems to be getting very regular in his eliminations as well. With a big poop once a day. It seems to be once every 18 hours or so. As for sleeping, Josiah is awake much more now than even a week ago, but still sleeps most of the day (and night, fortunately). He usually goes to bed around 11pm and sleeps until 7:30am with a feeding around 3:30am. He then sleeps for about 2 hours before every feeding all day and is awake for a while in the evening from 7pm until 9:30pm. Of course, this is on average and it changes so quickly. He'll probably be very different next week.

October 25, 2006


Josiah has officially smiled & is becoming less stingy about his smiles all the time. His first smile was almost 2 weeks ago, but then it was a whole week until another smile followed and then another 2 days or so. But, now he is sharing smiles several times a day. He, like his cousin Elliana, enjoys diaper changes. I was telling Josiah the story of how Brian and I met and started dating (so he'd know) and he really enjoyed that and smiled huge grins of joy and wonderment for a good 2-3 minutes.

October 12, 2006

Bigger and Stronger

Josiah is noticeably larger now than he was just a week ago. He is holding his head up well and turns it all around to look where he wants to. His little legs are starting to chunk up a little and may even have a roll or two forming. Joe is a spitter, like his big sister before him, but seems to be getting enough to eat just the same. He is also a pretty loud baby - Josiah grunts - and seems to be getting louder every day.

He likes to be held in a sort of football hold with my hand on his tummy and his head hanging out over my elbow - sounds a bit strange, but it makes Josiah very happy especially with his pacifier. He also seems to love being held tight against me in the sling. He seems to prefer to sleep on his stomach, which is a no-no, so that can be a bit difficult at times. I swear he smiled at me on Tuesday, but it could've just been coincidence that he smiled right as I started to talking to him (since it hasn't happened again.) Josiah seems unphased by Eila's outbursts (of joy or otherwise) no matter how loud or close to his face, but does occasionally turn in her direction when she is talking to him.

Today was Josiah's first experience with snow, but he slept through all of our ventures outdoors.

A mildly amusing, if somewhat disgusting, story... This morning, Papa was changing our precious baby boy's diaper, and apparently Josiah wasn't quite finished taking care of business. Brian was unpleasantly surprised by the rocket-like propulsion with which he was attacked. He screeched and jumped a fair distance; however, Brian's lightning-quick reflexes spared him from being marked, but the floor and the window sill (about 2 feet away and a few inches above the level of the bed where Joe was being changed) weren't so lucky... Talk about stronger!