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January 30, 2007

Happy Wheezer

Josiah visited the doctor again today and was diagnosed as a "Happy Wheezer". He cooed and smiled broadly the entire time all the while sounding terrible and coughing every few minutes. He is starting on some asthma medication to help prevent any more ER trips and can expect to be coughing and wheezing for the rest of the winter (cold & flu season).

January 25, 2007

Rolling Over

It's official - several days ago - Josiah can now roll over from back to front. He's able to roll from front to back with the help of gravity or Eila and easily goes from back to front in a chair or on a flat surface of any sort. He also moves backwards with great ease, arching his back and pushing with his legs. The days of no mobility are short-lived. Watch out world, here come Josiah, and he might roll over on top of you!

January 19, 2007

Music Maker

Josiah is taking after his father as a music maker. He loves to sing and dance around. Anytime he is awake , he is almost sure to be making some noise and most of the time it's a beautiful song that he sings. Although at times, Joe sings the blues too... He also really loves to listen to music and especially the toys that Eila brings him. The house is alive with the sound of music!

January 15, 2007

4 Months

Baby boy is growing and now weighs 12 pounds, 12 oz. and is a long 26.5 inches. He is strong and very happy, talking and cooing to everyone who will listen. He loves to get his diaper changed and really enjoys just about anything while laying on his back with someone standing over him and talking, singing, or making faces at him. Josiah seems to have recovered fully from the respiratory infection he had over the holidays and is sleeping very well in his own bed. Eila and Joe are playing together more and more. He adores his big sister (and vice versa) most of the time. Josiah also really likes to play in the exersaucer, because he can be upright and see what's going on around him. His pacifier is one of his most preferred objects; it is great for use as a toy, tracking object, projectile, or something to chew on or suck on.

January 05, 2007

First Christmas

Josiah had a fabulous first Christmas, especially if you judge that by how many gifts he got! While, Mr. Joe didn't open any of the gifts himself, he is starting to play with lots of them (with a little help). His favorite right now seems to be the tool bench (which lights up and plays music when Eila is around) or maybe the animal train (which also lights up and plays music when Eila is around). The one thing Josiah did not like was the bronchiolitis that he got from his big sister, but the nebulizer (machine for breathing treatments) that came with it is not bad at all.