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April 30, 2007


It's official; Josiah doesn't scoot anymore. That was apparently very short-lived. He now crawls - all over the house. Nothing is off limits and his favorite places to go include straight to the stereo or the bathroom. He sort of has a gimp leg, but that doesn't hold him back. I am scared for when he starts to use both legs to their full potential, though. With his current enthusiasm for getting around, we have had several big spills and had to remove the changing pad from the table (after he climbed out of the belt and up on the raised section in just the blink of an eye), so that we won't even be tempted to use it. Josiah has to stay on the floor or be belted in really well.

Josiah finds Eila extremely amusing at times and other times ignore her completely, especially when she is trying to tell him what to do or not to do. He fits perfectly into his roll as the little brother. Now that he can really move, he has been found eating (maybe gnawing would be a more accurate term) chalk, old cereal, leaves, dirty socks and lots of cords. Yet, he still chooses not to eat any baby food!

April 17, 2007


Josiah has not forgotten his friend, John, who moved to Colorado not too long ago. In honor of this long-distance friend, Joe has adopted the movement technique that John used until a few days before he left Michigan. Josiah scoots by kicking his legs while sitting upright. It is pretty effective and can get him across the room in just a little time. He is still interested in trying to crawl, but usually gives up fairly quickly to sit instead.

April 04, 2007

Smart Kid

Josiah is no dummy. He has already learned a sign or two and is extremely proficient at getting just what he wants, especially from his mother. Joe readily signs 'up' when he wants to be picked up. He just lifts his arms and expects someone to slip their hands under his arms and lift him into the air. He also has waved a few times. (This one may be wishful thinking, but it seems like he really is saying good-bye.) When its time to sleep, Josiah can be heard to cry out as soon as he is put in a horizontal position, only to stop and even smile when put back upright. And, second child, as he is, he has perfected the "she stole it from me" cry and uses it freely even if he is the one who takes the toy from himself.