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May 22, 2007

New Man

Josiah has gotten a makeover in the form of a new bedtime and sleep/eat routine. He now goes to bed around 7pm and only gets to eat twice during the night. He still doesn't want to eat solids, but is definitely more willing to eat a few bites of sweet potato than he is of the boxed rice cereal. (Eila agrees, "It's YUCKY!") The pink antibiotics he had to take recently didn't go over any better than the rice... (Eila disagreed heartily on this though; she always asked for more.)

Part of his new routine includes going on the potty and he is doing very well with that - so proud of himself, rightly so. His schedule also allows for plenty of time to cruise around the house and try to climb up on to anything resembling a step. Josiah's preferred activities include destroying the bamboo shoots that are next to the TV, taking all the books off the shelf, and pulling hair or poking eyes; he is very good at all of these!

May 09, 2007

8 Months

Josiah is currently just over 16 pounds and is very busy getting into anything that looks new to him. He especially loves to unroll the toilet paper and turn the knobs on the stereo receiver. He is very curious and goes from one side of the house to the other amazingly fast and with super stealth. He continues to fall down or crawl under or into things and has several large bruises. Josiah is a quick learner and pees every time I put him on the potty, which is whenever we're at home and has a diaper change. He recently got his second tooth on the bottom and in the process gave himself a blister on one of his fingers. Unfortunately, that blister got very badly infected and now he has to take antibiotics.