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June 21, 2007


Josiah has made great strides recently in the eating department. You may be able to tell from some of the pictures that he is now eating, but only what he feeds himself. He thoroughly enjoys dry cereal and doesn't mind at all if it is covered by vegetables or fruit; however, he must still pick it up and put it in his mouth, all by himself. While, he still doesn't talk, he communicates his desires in this regard very clearly.

In fact, Josiah is communicating very well in other areas too. It is evident that he is done when he signs that he'd like up, which is very similar to the sign for "all done" that Eila and I have been showing him. He also makes it very obvious that he would not like Eila to take certain toys that he is enjoying or that he would like to continue to destroy or "play" with what his parents might've tried to distract him from.

This busy little boy loves to laugh and play hide-and-seek. He is often attacking Eila under covers to find her and give her kisses. He then wants a turn and covers himself up. He throws himself into Eila or Papa and laughs with glee. Joe also really likes dancing or jumping to music and especially if other kids are joining in the fun. He had a fabulous time at the Plymouth Noon Concert in the Park this week (and so did his big sister.)

With the actual intake of food, Josiah has also made advancements in bowel movements... Papa took him on the potty this morning and Joe did his business where it should be done.

Joe is still cruising around with the air of someone who could walk any second, but as soon as he lets go, he lowers himself slowly to the ground to sit. He crawls at lightning speed, especially when he thinks he is getting away with something or trying to get to an area he has been taken away from before . He can walk holding on to only one of my hands and pushes Eila's doll stroller around the living room with ease - something Eila couldn't do when she was already walking on her own. Josiah can scale a slide in a few seconds and now recognizes that he needs to turn around to go down a step. This is a very important development.

June 11, 2007

9 Months

Josiah had visit to the pediatrician today and was announced to be the picture of good health and activity. The nurse practitioner had been a little concerned about his lack of weight gain until she met our busy little guy and quickly surmised that he is just burning a lot of calories each day. Josiah weighed in at 16 pounds, 12 oz. and measured 28.5 inches long. He is in the 50th percentile for height, but 5th for weight. She said that we should try to do some carbo-loading for him, since he is very advanced in his motor skills.
Josiah got a shot and a toe prick and didn't cry at all, but did kick his bandaid right off.

June 05, 2007

Finger Lickin' Good

There are many things that Josiah has licked in the past few days. Here are just a few of them:
fingers (his own, Eila's, and Mama's, and maybe Papa's too.)
bamboo shoots
toilet seat
toilet paper
screen door
flower pot
Sophie la girafe
mixing bowls
Rice Chex
clean diapers
bed rail
Mama's earring (while on her ear)
Eila's toes
and Eila's bare bottom

June 02, 2007

A Good Night's Rest

Josiah finally slept through the night - 11 hours! He has been working up to this since his new, earlier bedtime and finally did it! His mother couldn't be more proud (relieved!).