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July 27, 2007

First Steps

Yesterday, Josiah took his first step. He did it a few times, standing up and walking one or two steps and falling into my arms. Then, this morning he let go of the table and walked two steps to reach my legs and did this a few times, as I met with some friends.

As he got so much praise and attention, Eila had to give it a try too. She just through herself at me, so obviously Joe's first steps didn't look like much in the way of walking to her. Nonetheless, I think he's getting closer to actually walking than I'm ready to admit.

July 11, 2007

Hose Hog

Josiah somehow got a hold of the garden hose and found out how much fun it is to control the water. Now, he will not let it go, even if there is no water coming out. Josiah loves to splash and play in the pool or water table (or toilet!), and the hose is another way to get really wet and help those around him get wet too. Josiah also seems to enjoy climbing in and out of the pool, but that's no surprise since he climbs in, out, and all around everything.

July 08, 2007


Josiah is communicating with everyone around him. He loves to wave, especially to his favorite people - Papa, Mama, and Eila. When he waves, he sometimes says "hi" and may even add a name. Siah now proudly can name each member of his immediate family. He claps and says "Yeah". When he tries to unplug things, occasionally he'll give it away by saying "ah-ah-ah." Tonight he learned to say "uh-oh" just like Aunt Amber. When he's really happy or really unhappy, he opens wide and sings or growls - basically just says, "aahhhhh."