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August 27, 2007

Big Trouble

Today was Josiah's first time out. He got in big trouble for opening the oven door and climbing in! The oven was not on or hot, but he gave his mother a big scare. When a few minutes later, he attempted to open the door again, he went straight to a time out. He didn't mind too much, but he didn't go and try open the oven immediately after that either, so it seems to have had the desired effect!

August 22, 2007


I didn't realize that a baby could be a toddler, but Josiah is definitely toddling. He walks with his legs very far apart, falls down often, but gets right back up and keeps going. Siah is getting quicker with each day and has stopped crawling completely (except to get under the table or chair.) As for other toddler traits, Josiah is a picky eater, loves to scream, steals toys from others, and cries if whatever he is playing with gets taken away. He is an expert climber; today, he climbed on a toy drum and stood up! Yesterday, he climbed on the couch and jumped off, just like Eila! I can't imagine what he'll be doing tomorrow...

August 14, 2007


With the proper motivation, almost anything is possible. Josiah is really walking now. He stands up and walks wherever and whenever he wants to. The funny thing about it is that he also crawls all over. After observing him for a few days, I've realized that he started to walk so he can carry things. That is his motivation. If he wants to carry something with him, Josiah stands up and walks. If he wants to get to something without any baggage, he crawls.

He may or may not carry the object in his hands, as his mouth is another favorite way to transport objects while walking (even better since it scares his parents...) Josiah can now spread his mess around the house with little effort and great speed.