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September 28, 2007

Right Foot Stomp

It's the strangest and cutest thing. Josiah's favorite activity is climbing and as soon as he gets up on his desired perch, he stands up tall and stomps his right foot several times. He does this several times a day on all sorts of things, like picnic tables, boxes, chairs, trucks, baskets, couches, coffee tables, pillows, rocks, park equipment. Anything that can be found to climb and stomp on, will be.

September 15, 2007


Josiah can now add Colorado to the list of states he has visited (along with Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and California).

Josiah showed his true colors and started the trip by nearly climbing over the seat on the airplane. He seemed very comfortable everywhere we went, waving and smiling at anyone who would pay attention to him. He enjoyed having showing off for his Great-Grandparents, and of course having someone he could boss around (Elliana). Everyone was amazed at Josiah's lightning speed in going upstairs. Josiah seems to be a normal little boy, finding the greatest joy in rocks and sticks and dirt as well as turning things over and climbing on anything he can. His fascination with toilets has grown stronger as he put Papa's computer mouse in the toilet and a few toys as well as his diaper and lots of toilet paper.

Josiah's favorite part of vacation was probably playing ball in the sunroom with Eila and climbing everywhere.