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October 31, 2007

Lots to Say

Josiah has been taking full advantage of Eila's sickness this week and the quietness that has accompanied it. He has decided to fill the void and show off all that he can do. Josiah is saying lots of words suddenly and signing too. These are the words he is saying: mama, dada, eila, teter, no, shoe, eat, uh-oh, out, up, outside, this, want, and grandma. He sings the ABCs all the time - A through H. He signs: more, eat, all done, wash, bye bye, kiss, no, and I want that (which is reaching vigorously toward whatever he wants).

When he hears music, Josiah immediately starts swaying with his hands over his head. If he sees his shoes, he brings them over to me and starts lifting up his feet to put them on and go outside. He knows that hitting is not okay, and that hugging and kissing are the opposite. Josiah loves to throw everything down the stairs, especially blocks. He seems to think the toilet is his own personal sink - for playing with toys and washing hands... He climbs into his chair at the table when he is hungry and dumps his plate when he is full. He understands that he is only supposed to write on paper. He also gets that he is not supposed to eat things that aren't food, but does it anyway - with a big devilish grin.

October 11, 2007

Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Josiah has reached the point where he is starting to pose this question, not in these actually words, but with screams and tears and body slams. Little Joe has strong opinions about what should be happening in his life and if things aren't going as he desires, he throws a pretty good tantrum - with head banging, back arching, and limbs waving, while of course showing off the strength of his vocal chords.

Most of Josiah's displeasure is caused by his mother setting him down or leaving him with anyone else, even if only for a few seconds. Other causes for Josiah to voice his opinion include, but are not limited to: diaper changes, clothing changes, eating, sharing, sitting still (or getting strapped into something to cause him to sit still), not being able to climb something, any object that looks interesting but is not for Joe, and anyone besides him talking on the telephone.

The great majority of the time, Siah is the happiest kid around. He loves to share his pleasure as well. Laughing and making others laugh is a popular way to pass the time. He claps and smiles when he climbs on the chair and then the table. He rolls and squeals in delight at blankets and pillows being thrown around. He makes all sorts of bangs and booms to attract the attention and smiles of those nearby (or not that close even.) He has even started to help clean, wiping the floor and table, to receive great praise.

October 01, 2007

One Year Update

Josiah celebrated his first birthday almost a month ago. He had a fabulous party on Sept. 15 with his extended family and enjoyed snatching cake from his cousin, Josh. He was a little overwhelmed by all the people and presents, but had a great time anyway, especially playing outside with the all the kids. Josiah's actual birthday was spent enjoying beautiful Colorado and playing at a Children's Museum in Breckenridge.

He weighs in at 18 pounds 5 oz. and 29.25 inches long, which is average height, but very light. Josiah feeds himself very well with a spoon or fork and seems to be right-handed. There are only a few foods the Josiah likes and will eat: spaghetti, crackers, cottage cheese, plums and apples (must be whole), black beans, rice and chex cereal.

Josiah adores playing in the water and runs to the bathroom anytime the shower turns on. He loves coloring, like his big sister, and of course, climbing. He really likes all the new toys he has, but his favorite is probably the PDA that we pulled out of our stash in the basement (Eila's from her first Christmas) - go figure!

He waves and blows kisses to everyone. Josiah says two words consistently "Eila" and "teter" which for him means "I want." Josiah seems to talk a lot, with great intonation and all kinds of sounds, but I can't understand a lick of it! He has a great sense of humor and cracks up all the time. He loves to make others laugh, too. By far though, he loves Eila and everything that she does!