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November 21, 2007


At 14 months, Josiah has held steady with the same teeth (top four in front and bottom two), but he is pushing through all of his first year molars this week and is almost there with 3 of them out and only one really swollen gum.

He also seems to be wanting to put these new teeth to work right away as his appetite has suddenly arrived. Josiah must be experiencing a growth spurt since he asks to eat and actually eats - a lot. This is a big change from the chew and spew technique he has employed for most of his life so far; he shows no signs of waning interest in Mama's milk or Eila's milk (chocolate or white, Josiah wants whatever Eila is drinking!) and appears to just be starting to supplement his liquid diet with solid food now. He is an expert at getting food in his mouth with utensils (and should be since its been about 5 months that he has been practicing.)

November 02, 2007


Little Joe is a quick learner. He figured out the Halloween festivities involved more than just running up and down the sidewalk in funny clothes very early on. After just a few houses, Josiah realized that if he went right up to the people at the doors, they would give him something. After a brief taste test on one of these items, he discovered that they were very good indeed and started to head straight for the next porch to his candy!

Giving out candy did not interest Josiah, but taking candy out of our bowl was very intriguing and the higher the bowl got in the house, the more fun and challenging it was to get it! He seemed to really enjoy anything he could shake to make noise as well as peanut butter cups - foil and all.

As a little pumpkin, Siah was the star of the neighborhood with other kids stopping to ooh and ahh as well as every adult who spotted him with his glow necklace. Josiah hardly paused to give them a chance to fawn over him as he wandered full speed ahead down the sidewalk. It was a very Happy Halloween!