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December 21, 2007

Getting Ready for Christmas

The Fisher Price Nativity is a huge hit with little Joe. He loves to carry around the stable and push the button on top to make it play "Away in the Manger." Josiah is also a big fan of the Christmas tree with the beautiful lights and ornaments; he enjoys taking them off the tree every day.

Probably, the best part of getting ready for Christmas is the advent wreath that we have been doing as a family. The flickering flames are amazing to this little boy, but since he hasn't yet understood that fire is hot and that means pain, he is not allowed to help blow out the candles when they are lit. Siah finds the wreath with candles irresistible and is often climbing across the table to try to blow out the candles (even when they are not lit).

And Joe's least favorite part, we have been clearing out some of the less used toys of the house to make room for all the new ones that he will most likely be getting from family this Christmas. Taking toys away is all that he sees for now, but he has so many that he really isn't too troubled by the thinning out process.

December 18, 2007

15 Months

Toddler days are here in full swing. Josiah continues to run everywhere and climb everything. He is curious about all he sees and wants to investigate up close and with banging and throwing or standing on his latest discovery. Joe has found all of the potential climbing items in the house and tried them out. He is also getting very proficient at moving furniture to make better access to what he really wants, but cannot reach on his own.

Last night, he moved a chair from the table into the kitchen so that he could reach a timer that was near the top of the fridge. Siah loves to be at the computer - typing, moving the mouse, drawing on things nearby - but needs a little boost getting up on the desk, so he uses his little truck as a step stool. The only problem is that standing on things with wheels is against the house rules, so we had to put that truck in the closet for a while. Whenever the bathroom door is open, Josiah will sneak in there to cause mischief by turning on the hot water in the bathtub, dunking anything he can find in the toilet, or climbing on the shelf behind the toilet to reach the sink and turn on the water there.

Joe has a great love for little babies and wants to play with and inspect them; he is usually very gentle and likes to rock them in their seats or play peek-a-boo. Mostly, though, Siah wants to steal their pacifiers...