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January 07, 2008

Beyond His Months

Josiah is smarter, stronger, faster, braver, more persistent, more talkative and more creative than his one year and a few months should allow!

He is a great problem solver. For instance, when he wanted a cup at Christmas, he tried to communicate that using his words, which we don't understand most of the time. Since that didn't work, he pushed a chair over to the counter, climbed up and helped himself. He is often seen carrying Eila's stool around the house to the place where he "needs" to use it next.

Joe almost always has his hand in the throwing position, ready to chuck whatever he is holding at the most unsuspecting passerby. He is quick to apologize with gentle strokes, leaning in to whisper kind mumblings to his victim.

Siah laughs a lot. He finds himself the funniest guy around. Stealing stuffed animals and running to hide with them, playing games of chase or wrestling, dancing to any music, and tickling (sometimes it looks like hitting) are among the top ways to crack himself up. He also enjoys seeing himself in the mirror, especially playing peek-a-boo while on the potty... It's hilarious!