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February 26, 2008

By Any Other Name

Some of the other names that Josiah has:
Joe Bob
Monkey Boy
Crazy Climber
Little Man
Cuddle Bug

February 13, 2008

Water Boy

If you can't find Josiah, try looking wherever there is water. He might be at the sink or in the bathtub or even the toilet or a puddle. If Siah finds something that can be used to hold water, like a cup or bowl or empty container, he'll head straight for the nearest watering hole and start to fill it up and drink or possible dump it out again, but usually drink - gross or not.

Bathtime is a favorite time at our house and Josiah is now able to help himself - climbing in to the tub and turning on the water (all the while saying: "No! No!) The only toys Joe likes in the tub are cups, and he does not like to share them.

He also loves drinking water from a big kid cup and does pretty well most of the time. When he spills, he runs over and gets the towel and starts cleaning it up right away. What more could anyone ask for?!