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April 26, 2008

Go Man

Lately, Josiah is all about "Go!" He wants to "Go!" outside every time he see the door or window. When we're outside, he wants to "Go!" on his little trike or "Go! Bye Bye" in the car (which translates to Joe pretending to drive). When it's time for bed, Siah would like to "Go!" anywhere else. He loves to "Go!" to the bathroom at the most inconvenient times (and he usually doesn't even go). At restaurants Josiah can't sit and eat, he must "Go!"

The only time Josiah doesn't want to "Go!" is when it's time to "Go Night-Night" or "Go Home" and end the playing.

April 14, 2008


This is how Josiah says "Yucky!"

He had good reason to say this today (and he said it over and over) as he stood in his crib with his pants off and diaper removed. His diaper was perfectly clean, but all around his diaper - on the crib, his blankets, bed and even on the floor was evidence of his bodily functions working wonderfully. Eila offered to help clean it up, so she read books to Josiah while he sat on the potty until he could be thoroughly cleaned up; she wiped his feet off too. While I was sighing deeply and saying to myself "Gross", Eila and Josiah were singing a chorus of "Beurk!"

April 12, 2008


Josiah took full advantage of Mom's phone call to poison control and opened the kitchen cupboard, found a nearly full (very large) jug of canola oil and opened it up. He proceeded to dump it on the kitchen floor while his mother tried to tell the woman on the phone how much his sister weighed and what exactly she sprayed in her mouth.

In my slightly distracted state, Josiah dumped about 1/2 gallon or more cooking oil on the floor before I was able to get it from him. He then proceeded to step, I mean slip, on it and smack his head a few times while he rolled around trying to get back up. He didn't seem to mind at all and rather enjoyed the oil bath. When he finally did make it up and started to walk, I had to sweep him up and quickly deposit him in the bathtub until I finished the call with poison control. During his wait, Josiah climbed out of the bathtub three times - very successfully, especially considering that he was completely soaked in oil. Needless to say, he joined Eila for a thorough scrub down.

April 11, 2008

One Night

Josiah slept from 8:45pm until 7:45am without awakening or needing any help at all going back to sleep last night!

April 08, 2008

19 Months

Little Siah isn't so little anymore. He weighed in at 21.5 pounds and was 33 inches long, which means he is a little taller than average and lots lighter (or some might say tall and skinny.) He even had to get an increased dose for his asthma meds. Siah can almost reach the door knob on his own and practices trying to open it whenever he can get a stool over there. He is getting very proficient at undressing and can now put his pants back on (except for his big diaper rear).

Josiah is really starting to talk a lot now and if you call him (or he phones you), he will go on and on until he hears "Bye bye" at which time he'll give a kiss and say "Bye." He uses about 20 signs including ones that he made up himself for downstairs, sorry, and airplane. He will often let others know that he needs to use the toilet by a very clear grunt. Some words that he is using now are: Mommy, Daddy, Papa, Eila, teter, shoes, go, truck, downstairs, please, uh-oh, eeh eeh (animal), baby, and No (which has two inflections, one meaning yes and the other meaning no). This morning it sounded very much like he asked Brian: "Where are you going, Daddy?" And, when he hung up with Grandma Kathy, he said: "See ya!" But, this could also be attributed to wishful thinking on our part. He does, however, use words in combination like, "Up peas!" or "Uh-oh eez" (when his shoe falls off).

Some of his favorite things currently include: playing outside, especially with a car, bike, or in the sandbox, playing in water (at the sink, in the bath, puddles, anywhere really), identifying body parts (nose, ears, etc) that someone names, making a very sad face and then laughing, listening to music on Mama's new iPod shuffle, dancing and singing and playing guitar, taking someone's hand to lead them where he wants to go, getting shoes for self and others to put on, brushing his teeth (chewing on the toothbrush), giving kisses and hugs, running to anyone who holds their arms open wide, piggy back rides with Papa, waving goodbye, chasing squirrels and birds, finding airplanes in the sky, trying to hold babies or hug them, and imitating everything Eila is doing.

Recently, Josiah is becoming interested in reading books, or I should say a book. He enjoys hearing a bedtime story of Goodnight Moon or Goodnight Gorilla. Babybug magazines are okay by him; otherwise, he prefers to read his own books.