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May 25, 2008

Lots to Say

How many words does Josiah say? Too many to count!

He talks almost incessantly (he must have learned that from his big sis) and almost always comes back to his two favorite words: kuk (truck) and choo choo (train). Some other words that he has added to his ever-expanding vocabulary include grandma, mm-hmm (yes!), mine, book, bug & bike (which sound exactly the same), eyes (and several other body parts), pee pee, potty, doctor, dee (candy), jew (juice), cereal, cup, paint, and zoo.

Our little prodigy can also count to ten, sing the alphabet, and make the coolest patterned designs with Eila's Block Buddies. He is exceedingly polite and kind to everyone, saying please and thank you without prompting and giving kisses to anyone who will accept. Although to keep us humble, he still does not politely chew and swallow food, spits for fun, and throws and kicks whatever he can reach when frustrated (and wakes up way too early -with the sun!)

May 12, 2008


May 07, 2008

Choo Choo

Our little boy has discovered the joys of things that move. Everywhere we go, he yells "Kack Kack" which refers to the Trucks that he spots on the road. Each morning he runs to the window to see the school bus go by and says "Bus!" If he hears a loud car, which could possibly be a truck or bus, he rushes to check it out saying "I see. I see." All over the house, toes are getting hurt as we trip over little cars, trains, and planes that Josiah has driven, flown, dropped or otherwise relocated with squeals, grunts, chugs, vrooms and various engine noises.

He recently acquired a pair of Thomas the Tank Engine pajamas which he apparently loves as he requested to wear them - the first time he has shown any interest at all in his attire (aside from shoes). When he looks at himself in the mirror or sees his shirt, he smiles and proudly declares "Choo Choo!" Sometimes, he will take off to find the small Thomas train that he swiped from a friend's house last week (which he will return on Friday when we meet them at Greenfield Village for "The Day Out with Thomas.")