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June 30, 2008


We were swimming at the beach while camping this weekend and there was a family there with a set of beach chairs. One of the beach chairs was toddler-sized and had Disney princesses on it. When Josiah saw this he immediately pointed and shouted out "Eila!".

Apparently anything Princess is immediately associated with Eila in Josiah's mind. Probably Eila's mind too.

June 21, 2008

This One

We went to the Farmer's Market this morning to get our CSA produce and the "bird man" was there walking around. This kind gentleman had two friendly birds, one on his shoulder and one on his finger. He talked about the birds and showed them to others, allowing some folks to gently touch the birds.

On our return trip home, Josiah saw a bird and started to chase it, just like always. Only this time he was crossing his arms over his chest in a love sign and saying "This one. This one." It took us a moment, but we figured out that he was pointing to his shoulder while saying "This one," indicating where he wanted that bird to go.

June 06, 2008

Shoes On

Nearly every day, often several times each day, Josiah will come running up to me very excited and insistent that I join him. Sometimes, I'm not exactly sure if he saying train or shoes; the conversation goes like this...
J: Shoes on shoe- shoe.
S: What do you want, Joe?
J: Shoes. Shoes. I wanna ride choo-choo. I wanna go choo-choo.
S: You want your shoes on to go ride on a choo-choo train?
J: Mmm-hmmm. (with nodding and pulling toward the door)
S: What train do you want to ride?
J: Zoo choo-choo.
S: So, you want to go to the zoo just to ride the train? Do you want to see any animals while we're there?
J: Mmm-hmmm. (with nodding and running toward the door)
S: Do you want to get your shoes on and go right now?
J: Mmm-hmmm. (with nodding and giving Eila her shoes) Leila shoes.
S: I don't know if we can go this second. Do you think you could wait a little bit to go on the choo-choo?
J: NO! (now trying to put my shoes on me...)