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August 28, 2008


Eila has been putting on a lot of dance recitals lately. She puts on her tights and leotard and skirt and requires appropriate ballet music and then dances and jumps. Josiah, who wants to be just like Eila and do everything that she does - EVERYTHING and repeats all that Eila says, also has been putting on dance recitals. He wears tights and must take off his shirt and put on one of Eila's skirts. He then says: "I'm a princess." He proceeds to do the beautiful sad dance from Bella Dancerella. One day, he'll deny this ever happened...

August 04, 2008

Stop It!

Josiah has mastered a new phrase that some (including his father) think is absolutely adorable and others (Eila) find terrbily annoying. Anytime he feels like it, he will rather rudely shout "Stop It!" over and over again. This is particularly bothersome in the morning when we are attempting to convince him that 6am is not a suitable time for the day to start...