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October 25, 2008

Gift Wish List

Josiah is quickly learning from his big sister about how to look at a catalog and pick out the "good" stuff. He really enjoys his birthday presents and seems to get very excited about certain toys (cars, trucks & trains) no matter where we go. Plus, he always takes his little Thomas & Friends trains with him. So, his Christmas wish list includes these favorites and few others that Eila and I think he'd really like:
Thomas & Friends (Take Along series: he has Thomas and James - red engine.)
big dump or garbage truck (to push around and put stuff in, not ride)
big fire truck with ladder and fire fighter
balance bike (for both kids, really!)
sand toys: shovel, pails of various sizes
rain boots (size 6/7)
kids acoustic guitar
balls (soft baseball, football, basketball, etc.)
Cricket magazine subscription (Babybug)
Jungle Java gift certificate
gymnastics or swimming lessons
clothing (pants with adjustable waistband size 2T or small belt size 12-month?)
and anything that Eila has!

October 19, 2008

Latest and Greatest

Josiah used to give out hugs and kisses freely to anyone he knew and loved, but not anymore. He has been watching Eila and observing her technique for too long. Now, he will spit, lick, turn away or run away when asked for a kiss and laugh hysterically at how funny he is. Along with this development has come the end of clinginess and crying when he gets dropped off at church, MOPPETS, or Grandma's. He dives right into playing and could care less that Mom is leaving. This is not quite the case for bedtime, but I'm sure one day, he will also want to go to sleep on his own too.

Potty training is going pretty well. He wears big boy undies at home and usually tells me or goes to the potty when he needs to go. Lately, he has been squatting on the seat facing the toilet and going "like Daddy."

Gymnastics class has been a lot of fun for all of us, but Josiah seems to especially love learning new ways to jump and flip and hang. He plays really hard on Mondays and then takes a good nap afterward.

Josiah's favorite thing right now is drumming along with his great love of the outdoors, esp. parks and the zoo or anyplace with trains or firetrucks. He also loves jumping and singing and just like being, getting undressed. I was told that when I left him in childcare on Friday, he spend almost the entire two hours taking off his clothes (despite their attempts to keep putting them back on him!) Eating is definitely in the running for favorite activity too, in particular if the foods are spicy chips, cookies, pancakes (with sauces), candy, juice, or cereal.

As for the allergy testing, Josiah's skin tests came back all negative. The allergist was still very sure that Josiah is allergic to milk and eggs and that we need to diligently avoid both. We messed up a little this weekend and he has the telltale signs on his cheeks, so I will continue to be vigilant in the avoidance for dairy and eggs in Joe's diet. The daily, long baths with a little olive oil in the water seems to be helping a lot. His skin is almost normal, and Eila's is super soft and silky.