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January 31, 2009

Do I Look Funny?

Josiah often asks this question when he is putting spaghetti under his nose like a mustache or has a sock on his hands or his pants on his head. Tonight he helped himself to a bag which held some pretzels he wanted and proceeded to wrap it tightly around his head and asked "Do I look funny?"

January 23, 2009

Candy Fun

At Eila's birthday party, the kids loved the pinata. Josiah gathered up and ate lots of candy throughout the afternoon and evening, but as cake was being served Joe was quietly enjoying his candy in his room. He was found kneeling over a train of open lollipops on his floor. Apparently, he opened up each of his remaining suckers and laid them out in a line then one at a time tasted them. He would lick one, say "Mmmmm," then lick the next "Mmmmm," then lick the next "Mmmmm" and so on down the line enjoying each piece of candy.

January 17, 2009

Wrong Place

As part of getting ready for baby brother, we've moved Eila from the shared bedroom with Josiah to her own room. So, Josiah also has his own room for a few months. To hold all of Eila's things, we purchased some drawers that slide under the bed and put one under each of their beds. Josiah was not aware of this addition and dove to climb under his bed. He bumped his head (not to hard) and very emphatically announced, "Drawers go over there (pointing to his dresser), not under here!"

January 14, 2009

Surprisingly Entertaining

Josiah is an ever-moving bundle of energy and activity almost all of his waking hours. He has surprised us a few times recently though when he was completely still.

On December 19, the kids at church sang a song during the service. Eila and Josiah were in the same group of 2-5 year olds who performed "Away in the Manger." We captured Josiah on video as he stood very still with his hands in his pockets for the entire duration of the song. He loves the song and sings it nearly every time he goes to sleep (so twice a day), but during the performance it was as if he had never imagined anything like this and was completely immobilized.

While we were visiting family in Arizona over the holidays, Josiah was not making any noise and hadn't been seen running by in a some time so an investigation of his whereabouts was in order. Josiah was found very contentedly watching "High School Musical 2" with his big sister and three older girl cousins. He sat peacefully and watched with rapt attention, but when the girls decided to have a sing along and dance along time during each of the songs, he gladly joined in flailing about wildly.