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March 19, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Yesterday, we got a twin bed, which Grandpa Bill graciously brought over and set up, and Josiah couldn't be happier. He keeps talking about his big bed from Grandpa and how soft it is. He even has mentioned how he will stay in bed and go to sleep, but isn't really following through on that part since he didn't nap at all today, instead he got into all kinds of trouble in his room (diaper cream, baby brother's crib, wipes, books, toys, and markers). Josiah did sleep through the night in his new bed last night and hopefully will repeat that tonight.

March 09, 2009

Resistant to Change

Josiah seems very excited about the arrival of his baby brother. He often hugs Mama's belly and kisses baby brother. He also talks about names for him and the fun stuff that he will do to help as a big brother.

Since, Josiah has been sleeping on the floor for several months and recently began taking the mattress off of his bed (which was the crib turned toddler bed), we decided to raise up the mattress and put the railing back on to get ready for baby brother. Joe now wants to sleep in the bed and has been going on and on about how comfortable and soft baby brother's bed is. He keeps climbing in, despite our best efforts to discourage this action. Now, he is talking about how he wants a bed and doesn't want baby brother to have that bed or sleep in his room. In fact, Josiah wants to sleep with Eila in her bed. Eila is not a fan of Siah's plan.