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May 07, 2009

All Boys

Gender stereotyping is going on full force at our house. Josiah understands now that he is a BOY and that means he likes blue and not pink. Cars, trucks, trains and blocks are for boys. This is also true for bugs and dinosaurs. Things like princesses and fairies, dresses and all things purple and pink are for girls. There is still some confusion over nail polish and make up - these are for getting married and depends strictly on the color one chooses.

When Josiah listens to music, a male voice means "boy song" while a female singing makes it a "girl song." Looking a magazines and catalogues provides lots of opportunities to point out boys things versus girls things.

Recently, Josiah was asked by his Grandma Karen "Who wants to cuddle with Grandma?" Josiah responded emphatically "I a BOY!" (He later explained that boys cuddle with Daddy.)

Since he's a boy, Siah plays lots of baseball (he tells me that's what boys do) and he is getting pretty good. He can toss/drop the ball and hit it with the bat about 50% of the time, and he hits pretty hard. Now, boys have to play baseball outside...

Fortunately for Eila, boys can do ballet, so he will still dance with her and take the classes that she teaches a couple times a day.