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July 10, 2009

I Want To Do That

Josiah and Daddy are playing outside when Josiah has a great idea, "I want to climb up on the roof and jump off and Daddy catch me." Daddy wonders "What?!?!" To which Josiah repeats, "I want to jump off the roof and Daddy catch me. Off the garage. Yeah, I want to do that."

July 4, 2009


As we're getting into the car on the 4th, we hear a bang:

Joe: What's that noise?
Daddy: A firecracker?
Joe: A firecrapper?
Daddy: No, it's a fire-CRACKER
Joe: What's a firecrapper?
Daddy: It's not a firecrapper. Cracker!

Update (7:11PM): We figured out Josiah was trying to say: FireCLAPPER.