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August 20, 2009

Almost Three

Josiah's birthday is in just a few weeks and we've been talking about it a lot. He says he wants to have a big party with Joshie and Rachel and Claire... Sometimes he stops there and sometimes he lists every member of his extended family on both sides. Josiah remains consistent in his request for a Thomas birthday and a telephone birthday. After many, many attempts to determine exactly what this means, I think he wants two cakes, one with each theme, but it could also be that he wants two different types of candles on his cake. At any rate, it won't be a happy birthday without some cake (or rather frosting) for Joe.

For what he might want, he saw a picture of the Thomas the Tank Engine set today that he decided would be very nice. He has mentioned dinosaurs, jammies (Cars and Thomas), bubbles, and visiting Aunt Amber at the ocean for his wish list. Josiah also requested diapers a bit ago, but has since rescinded that and says that diapers are not for big boys, only Thaddeus.

August 17, 2009

High Voice

When Josiah is tired, he likes to talk in a really high voice. It isn't quite a squeak, but it is at an octave that humans don't tolerate well - at least adults. Thaddeus finds the high voice rather amusing and it is pretty much the only way Joe can get Thad to laugh, despite trying to do everything Eila does to bring out the giggles from his baby bro.
Lately, he has also been pretending to be a baby bird with a very high-pitched tweet. He loves the idea of eating worms and being in a nest and then flying out at random, when mixed with a high voice who can resist?