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October 29, 2009


This is how you play football:
Throw the ball, then you run and fall down. You can kick the ball and run and fall down. If you throw the ball, I will come and get you. Let's tackle!
I want to play football. Come on!

October 17, 2009

Dejected Ducker

This morning, Josiah has even more energy than normal (maybe owing to his self-help breakfast of a half-gallon of cider and a donut...) and suggested a rousing game of duck, duck, goose to pass the time. After explaining the rules to us and playing several rounds of this very fun game. Josiah suddenly sulked away sincerely complaining to Daddy whom he had just chased around the circle "You took my seat!"

October 14, 2009

Three Years Old

Josiah finally made it to the doctor yesterday for his big boy 3-year old check up. He bragged on the way back to the room after getting weighed and measured for his height that he got checked out and Eila didn't! Siah weighed 29 pounds and was 36.8 inches tall. He got a hug from the blood pressure cuff and followed the directions for the eye exam and passed. Josiah was very excited to answer all of the doctor's questions. Their conversation went something like this:
D: Josiah, how old are you?
J: Free. (holding up fingers)
D: Do you know about numbers?
J: Yeah.
D: Can you count?
J: Yeah. (still holding up fingers, but trying to manipulate them to count) 1 2 3.
D: Wow. That's great. Do you know colors too?
J: Yeah.
D: What color is your shirt?
J: Blue.
D: Is that a car on your shirt? What color is that car?
J: Red. (very proud of himself)
D: Are you a good eater?
J: No. I like to eat candy.
D: It's okay to eat candy once in a while, but it's important to eat healthy foods too.
J: I like to eat spicy chips too.
D: Oh, I like chips too, but do you like to eat apples or bananas?
J: Yeah.
D: How about broccoli?
J: Yeah.
D: Do you like carrots?
J: No! Eila likes carrots. I like celery.
D: Oh, do you eat chicken?
J: Yeah.
D: And, do you drink your milk?
J: Yes.
D: It's good to eat lots of different healthy foods and also to exercise. Do you play outside?
J: Yeah. I ride my Thomas bike.
D: Can you jump too?
J: (Jumping)
D: You know, you also need to get lots of rest to grow. Are you a good sleeper?
J: Yes.
D: Do you still take a nap?
J: Sometimes I do; sometimes I don't.


October 3, 2009

Nutritious Dinner

Josiah, what would you like for dinner?

Thinking hard for a minute... Syrup!