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April 13, 2010


Very early this morning, as I am getting out of bed, Josiah starts talking: Mom, I just saw a spider ant.
M: Where?
J: Right here, but he went away. He'll be right back. He just went to get dressed.
M: Ok. (leaving to go to the kitchen)

A few minutes later...
J: He's dressed. There's the ant spider!
M: What?
J: Come see. Look!
M: (coming and seeing that it's a centipede, then grabbing the nearest book and smashing this bug.) Oh!
J: What's that? Oh, he pooped. That's him poop.

Later in the day, Josiah and Eila are on the porch letting ants tickle their arms.
They open the door and come running in.
Josiah, proudly announces: An ant went up my nose!
M: What!?!
J: It crawled right up here. (sticking his finger in his nose)
M: Did it come out?
J: Yeah!
M: Good. How did it feel?
J: Tickles. Him was trying to eat all the boogers.

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April 1, 2010

No Nap Needed

Josiah is loving the warm weather and playing as hard as he can every second. He will occasionally take a break to rummage in the fridge for some food or ask for cookies or chips to eat, but mostly he is happy to play with his siblings or Mama. If Joe stops and rests for a bit, he might suddenly yell out "I don't need a nap." Never mind that no one has mentioned anything at all about that dreaded time of day for a little boy...