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July 8, 2010

Sibling Arguments

Eila and Josiah were sitting in the car, talking about who knows what, but at some point it turned into an argument (as their conversations often do).
Josiah: Well, I'm going to flush you down the toilet!
Eila: I'm going to climb back up and flush you down the toilet and close the lid and sit on it so you can't get back out.
J: I'm going to punch it and bust holes in it and get out. Then, I'm gonna flush you down the toilet and take all the water and your gonna float away.
E: Well, I'm going to kick and get out and flush you and cover it all with duct tape and you'll never get out.
J: I'll get a gun and shoot it all to pieces and the toilet will explode and you'll be covered with poopy water.
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