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May 27, 2011

A Few Whiles

Expressions of time are mostly all sorted out in our 4-1/2 year-olds mind, but he persists in using the phrase "in a few whiles" meaning "in a little while" or "in a few minutes."

I think it's almost reached it's end though as just today I heard him say "in a few weeks." Too bad because it's pretty cute, IMO.

May 23, 2011

Two-Wheeled Wonder

Last weekend, Josiah mastered riding a two-wheeler. Since Thaddeus' birthday, we've been working to convince him that riding a big kid bike would be a good thing, but he remained staunchly opposed to the risk of falling in this endeavor.

He has, however, been practicing riding his little brother's new Skuut and getting pretty good at it. So, after a bit of persuasion and a promise of a treat, he gave it a go. And, within about 3 minutes, Josiah was riding all on his own. With another 10 minutes of practice, he was feeling more confident and began to practice starting and stopping on his own. Before a half hour past, Josiah rode all the way around the block with no trouble at all, except for exhausting Daddy who ran alongside - just in case.