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September 19, 2011

Josiah is Five Years Old

While Josiah has gotten a bit taller, over 42 inches now, and a bit heavier, about 38 pounds, some things haven't changed as much (His hair is still red). Josiah still loves to play all sorts of water related things as well as digging in the dirt and mud. He really enjoys all things related to space and flight and has not wavered in his interest of cars. Josiah is growing up though and how has lots of fun playing games, like Clue Jr. and Guess Who? He is also very good at writing his name and knows his address and phone number. Josiah is also a great helper in the kitchen. He continues to wake up early and doesn't really like to nap, but still needs to most days. His favorite things include: car racing, watching 3D movies, and making planes and rockets. This fall, now that he is five, he's happy to start school at home. His favorite subjects are art and gym. For his birthday, Josiah got his room re-decorated and a bunk bed.
Here is a picture of his new room: boys bedroom.png