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January 27, 2012

Middle Child

Josiah sometimes has a rough time finding his place in the family. He really wants his own room; it's just not fair that Eila does. He really wants help with things he can/should do himself; "Why do you do it for Thad?" He has to share his toys with the big and little sibling. He has to do chores while Eila is at school and TJ is napping. Sometimes he still has to nap and do chores...

On the up side, his picture frame on Mom's night stand has a picture of him in it. He has a ready playmate whenever his heart desires. He is able to see what is coming and look forward to new privileges and responsibilities. He can look back and remember when he used to do those silly things and realize how big he is now. Josiah learns valuable skills like following directions (from his big sis) and being a strong leader (for his lil bro).

Unfortunately, he got Eila's stomach flu and Thad's cold recently, which shows that he really is the middle kid.