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February 22, 2012


Josiah is a bit finicky. He learned this word tonight when he decided that he now likes Dad better than Mom. This comes after having spent the weekend telling Dad that he likes Mom better. Finicky also describes his preferences regarding food (a bit particular) and toys (only Cars 2 characters). After learning this new word, he immediately tested it out, "Eila is finicky. She couldn't decide what kind of ice cream to get yesterday."

February 9, 2012

Connect Four

Sometimes the brothers play games together. When they play Connect Four, it usually goes something like this:
TJ plays first and puts his piece in on the left side. Josiah plays his color on the opposite end of the playing area. TJ plays a second piece on top of his own first. Josiah plays a second piece on top of his first. TJ plays a third piece on top of his first two pieces. Josiah plays in his column. TJ wins with his next play. So, then they play again, but the disappointed Josiah goes first and follows the same pattern, winning with great excitement and surprise, loving the justice of it all!

February 2, 2012

Facial Hair

The boys were talking about Daddy's whiskers growing on his chin. He explained that when they get older they'll grow whiskers too. Josiah responds with "Oh yeah, well I want hair to grow here (gesturing widely at the area around his eyes and forehead)."