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August 24, 2012

Super Summer

"I had this much - lots and lots of - fun. I went down a water slide. I went on dates with Grandma Karen and Grandpa Bill. I went across the Mackinaw Bridge with my cousins. And the best thing I ever did this summer was go on the jet skis. It was a good summer. I'm waiting until something new happens. My fun's not over yet, but soon it will. And then more fun will come."

Josiah got to be a pretty good swimmer this summer and had several playdates with friends. He seemed to like VBS, but not as much as vacation. He was so sad to end his time with extended family that he cried each time we left to return home from up north. The late nights and full days have made some mornings a little bit hard for those around Joe, but he wouldn't trade all this fun for anything, except maybe more of the same...