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February 13, 2013

Heaven Bound

Josiah has often mentioned that he would like to go to heaven and sometimes says he doesn't need to wear his seatbelt or take other safety precautions that we recommend because he wants to die and go to heaven. This happened again today, but with a twist worth celebrating!

As we were driving home from taking Eila to school, we talked a bit about how not everyone who dies goes to heaven and he proceeded to tell me what needs to happen to ensure that someone would go to heaven when s/he dies: They need to know that God is God and so is Jesus, God's son, who died for their sins and rose again. They also have a choice about staying as king of their own life or giving their life to God and doing life His way. Josiah said he knows all of this and that he wanted to agree with God that it was true.

So, he prayed in the car and admitted his need for Jesus and desire to be part of God's family with God as the King of his life. Josiah is still eager for heaven, but content for the time to wait until Jesus comes to get him.