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May 26, 2014


Josiah still loves volcanoes and reptiles. He never heard back from the herpetologist at the local university, but has not been discouraged in his study. At school this year (first grade), he had a visit from Science Alive and was able to hold a very large python around his neck. He also had to write a persuasive letter to a person he knew. He chose to write to his mother:

"Dear Mom, 3-14-14
Do you want a pet? I do. Do you want a pet snake? I do. I want to tell you soming (something). Snakes are quiet. I will feed it tow (two) rats a day. I will take as good care as I can.

Mom replied with regret that a large snake would not be the best for our family.

Just a few weeks later on May 5, Thaddeus received a gift that thrilled Josiah: a garter snake. Now, he has a pet snake and he feeds it one worm every three days. Snakes are quiet and Joe is taking as good care as he can of Carter the Garter.